When Content Audits are Not a Good Idea

Content audits are a de facto part of content strategy and web redesign and one that I highly recommended (see How to Prepare). There’s no better way to plan out the roadmap to your new site than by looking back at where you’ve been.

Understandably then, I was mildly scandalized by web strategist, Gerry McGovern, who begins his most recent blog entry with “When dealing with a large, complex, old and out-of-date website, a content audit can be a waste of time and money.”

Well huh.

McGovern argues for a slash and burn method that may be quite appealing to web editors facing thousands of web pages dating back ten or more years.

Read all of his scandalous post, When Content Audits are Not a Good Idea,

In other news, I ran across this really great visualization of the content audit process from John McCrory that might make the task less daunting for those of us that take it on.




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