Milestone: Wireframes

Happy new year! So very pleased to report that we reached our first major milestone at the end of 2013 with the approval of the homepage and subpage wireframes for desktop and mobile.

What’s a Wireframe, You Ask?

Think of a wireframe as a webpage schematic. It outlines the navigation system and the components of the page without color or images. It suggests the structure of the page without layout and the hierarchy of information without real content. It is not a design concept but rather a blueprint to which a design concept will be applied.

Without Further Ado


I am particularly excited about how well the components outlined in the homepage wireframe support our brand objectives as outlined in our project goals by providing multiple opportunities to tell Fordham’s story:

Homepage_Wireframe_800Simplified, intuitive navigation will better guide users through the site to their desired destination.

Feature stories will allow us to profile outstanding faculty, alumni accomplishments, graduate and undergraduate research, student achievements, and school honors accompanied by engaging, large-format photography.

Campus profiles will showcase the diversity of the Fordham experience at Rose Hill, Lincoln Center, Westchester, the Louis Calder Center, and London Centre.

News and events will highlight the breadth of activity in Fordham’s schools and the engagement of Fordham’s faculty and students in their respective fields.

  • Infographics will offer focused, high-impact insight into Fordham’s culture, i.e. map of Global Outreach projects, number of internships, placement in scholarly journals, number of students clubs and organizations.
  • A broad, personal application of Cura Personalis will bring to life the principal of “caring for the whole person” at the core of Fordham’s mission.

Integration of social media will give voice to the Fordham community with Fordham-related Instagram photos, tweets, or Facebook posts. (Rest easy. Tools will allow us to curate this content, so each post will be reviewed before publishing to the homepage).




The subpage will be more commonly known as a standard content page. If homepages and landing pages are entryways into the Fordham site, the standard content page is where content lives and where most of the heavy-lifting of the site will be done.



The new website will be built using responsive design. It will render optimally on all devices whether desktop, tablet, or smartphone. (What’s responsive design, again?). Here is the homepage wireframe for the smartphone. Note how the navigation will collapse into a single menu.




Would love to know what you think. Leave any questions or comments in the comments section.


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