Please Don’t Click Here

I’m going to make this short and sweet. Let’s all make a pact to stop using “click here” on our web pages for the following reasons:

It’s unnecessary.

We’ve all been on the internet for some time now. We know a link when we see it. In our efforts to be concise, it’s two words we just don’t need. Instead of “Click here for a campus map,” just go with “Map of Campus” and trust that users will know what to do.

In scanning the page for links, it doesn’t stand out.  

The biggest mistake made in this arena is when “click here” are the only words linked, as in “For a map to campus, click here.” As readers on the web, we scan for links, looking for the link to the thing we are looking for. In this case, we are very likely to miss the campus map.

Additionally search engines won’t “see” it. Search engines prioritize the links on a page over other content, but “click here” gives the search engine no keywords to log.

The practice is also considered inaccessible to the blind and seeing impaired who are using screen readers to use the web. The audible screen readers allow users to tab through all the links on a page. If the link is nothing more than “click here,” the user will have no idea what the link is to.

And for how much longer are we going to be clicking at all.

With touch-enabled devices and screens where we swipe and tap, clicking may go the way of paging and faxing and hopefully very soon, twerking.

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