Milestone: Template Suite Design

So excited to be able to share with you the look and feel of the new Fordham website! A few things to note as you take in the templates:

  • Two-column layout
    Usability studies have shown that web users have become really good at ignoring a third column because on most sites it is usually reserved for advertising. So we’re just not going to bother. Two columns gives us the opportunity to let the content breathe a bit and focus on a font size and line length that best promotes readability.
  • Large-format photography
    Web users respond to visual content so photography will play a much greater role on the new site.
  • Responsive design
    All templates will be fully responsive meaning that they will be optimized for the device that you’re using. Below you’ll see an example of what the site will look like on your phone.
  • Modular components/widgets/what-cha-call-ems
    Search engines make it so people can enter our site from myriad entry points, none of which may be the home page. I like to say that every page is a potential home page, so we’ll want to tell a little bit of Fordham’s story on every page. We’ve built in some special components to do just that which focus on Fordham news, points of pride, and mission.
  • Placeholder content
    Much of the content and images you see is placeholder content. It’s not the real content we will be going live with. In fact, you will see a lot of lorem ipsum text.

Click on the images to see them full-size.

Home Page


Example of a School Home Page
Schools will have their own home pages with school-specific content and news.


Example of a Department Page


Example of a Degree Program Page
One of the things we are doing to improve the college search process for our prospective students is to provide a snapshot of each degree available at Fordham with some standardized content. Prospective students will be able to get an understanding of the field, program highlights, and career options and then click through to the academic department. They will also be able to explore related majors.


Example of a Standard Page


Example of a Mobile View


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