Project Goals

Overarching Goals

  • Enhance the reputation of Fordham University
  • Illustrate Fordham’s institutional brand objectives by:
    • highlighting student, faculty, and alumni accomplishments, especially those that reveal intellectual acumen, business success, and/or commitment to service
    • demonstrating Fordham’s connection to NYC
    • showcasing the beauty of Fordham’s campuses
    • presenting Fordham’s global reach
    • articulating the Jesuit principle of Cura Personalis, caring for the whole person, and Men and Women for Others
  • Support branding initiatives that resonate with alumni and donors and increase their engagement with the University community
  • Offer a user-friendly and informational tool for Fordham’s primary web audience—prospective students—while serving the needs of current students, members of the community, and alumni.
  • Support the University’s identified strategic goals, priority programs, and development initiatives.

Functional Goals

  • User-centric, rather than organization-driven information architecture and navigation, developing a structure based on visitor accessibility and use, as opposed to University offices organization
  • The ability to highlight content (including video and audio) that showcases the programs, the personality and the people of Fordham
  • A system that allows news, profile, and feature content to be shared and syndicated across the site
  • More flexibility in templates and page layouts
  • A system that integrates seamlessly with data and customer management programs throughout the University
  • A strong training program for orientation to a new CMS and a model for post launch support
  • Pages based on function and need, provides the end-user a one-stop shop for a given topic by organizing content from several resources or departments.
  • An improved user experience with the use of quickly readable, mobile-friendly content written for the web, avoiding institutional jargon
  • A responsive design that future-proofs the website across multiple devices (e.g., laptops, smartphones and tablets)

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