How to Participate

There will be many opportunities to provide feedback at key milestones in the redesign process, to engage in content assessment and planning with the Web team, and to contribute content to school and department websites.

Key Feedback Milestones

Prototype Testing

In web design, prototypes are functional wireframes that indicate the kinds of information that will be displayed on pages, the relative priority of that information, and a proposed information architecture. Select stakeholders will participate in one-on-one hour-long interviews to gauge the effectiveness of the new homepage prototype. Please contact Donna Lehmann, director of online communications, if you would like to be interviewed.

Design Concept Testing

The Web team will conduct an online survey of the proposed design concepts collecting both quantitative and qualitative data about impact and preference.

Content and Needs Assessments

The Web team will be reaching out to departments and schools to assist them in conducting audits of their current Web content. Analyzing current content is an important step in redesigning as it helps to identify out-of-date and irrelevant information and to identify content that should be reworked to make it more user-friendly and effective.

Equally important is a needs assessment of primary audiences to help identify what content is most important to users and to reveal gaps and holes in information that should be addressed. Learn more about How to Prepare for the redesign.

Photography and Video

Compelling visual elements — both photography and video — draw attention and engage users in a way that solely text can’t. Faculty, staff, students, and alumni can contribute by collecting and sharing strong visuals that tell the Fordham story. Images and videos can be forwarded to Donna Lehmann, director of online communications. Please provide a descriptive caption and permission and usage details.

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